Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson / Basic Finger Picking Lesson

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This is a great Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson on basic finger picking.


drewishawt09 says:

u can play the way u want. 

kolarungu says:

sigur ros heima please

dozerhd says:

Man! That (the next comment) was uncalled for! Sorry, Bro.

dozerhd says:

Hey, Marty, thanx for another good lesson. You’re really helpin’ me out!

I’ve got a catch phrase for ya ….. “When you get stuck, look Marty up!!” {martyzsongs on YouTube}

You can use it for free. lol

CZ Frame says:

Use your thumb. The alternating thumb pattern is essential. Do it until it’s automatic and you never have to think about it. That way the thumb plays the base automatically, and your other fingers are free to play the melody later on, after you’ve progressed in your playing beyond pattern picking.

Bryan Andreas says:

Thank’s Bro

Maria Cruz says:

U r really goodm

andres7721 says:

jajajajajajajaja, que tipo tan pendejo y maricon el Krayje

pattymaboy says:

I’m not marty, but I know getting good at hitting the EAD strings with the thumb and the GBE with the other fingers is extremely beneficial for future, more difficult songs!

pookiecatblue says:

Very cool. Thank you so much.

jameson156 says:

you’re a moron dude. hes giving a lesson, hes supposed to talk

James Owen says:

Hey Marty you should do a lesson on the DBZ theme song, I couldn’t find any good videos on it. Thanks!! :)

n0tthej0nes says:

I so appreciate your channel. I have had my guitar for ten years and have only recently picked it up and you have been my teacher! Thank you!

Monika Rutkowska says:

i love your “what’s up”

Brendan Davis says:

hey marty, what you should do is write some songs just for finger picking

dusktodawn28 says:

Why I got what I got

Conor Mullan says:

Hi Marty thanks for the tutorial dude your amazing man! you rock. I have one question instead of using my thumb for the d string could i use my index feels more natural or is it better to use my thumb in advanced finger playing styles in the future? many thanks if you could shed some light on this.

mrjasondylan says:

holy s*** you mean there is a style of playing that your not good at,i thought you could play every style ! funny that ive been playing forever myself im not as good as you but i also could never quite get the hand of fingerstyle, thanks for the lesson !!!

Michael Mollman says:

My first comment ever! Thought it would be worth for the chance to win DVD!

OhMAN481 says:

Marty you’re great teacher!!Could you make a video of Supermassive Black Hole by Muse&

bparent7c says:


andres7721 says:

good lessons but you talk too much

Jody Waskahat says:

Great lesson. Thanks a lot brother.

jeff blake says:

That was awesome man! I’ve been working on finger picking the last while and this is a big help.Thanks a lot man.

LOVE2Flute says:

MOST EXCELLENT for this old fart! Just beginning to play, fingers are calloused and this is soooo cool. Exercises my fingers and gives me a feeling that I’m actually playing a song. Fantastic. Thank-you so very much for your kindness of sharing your expertise. Peace and Love to you, to all your Loved ones and to all those you haven’t yet met. jP

vmeister123 says:

Can you do Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 please?

Marjorie Lang says:

Where this guy’s accent?

GuitarCoversFTW says:

Hey guys! We do covers! We just started today, but we have uploaded videos and more will be coming soon! We just did a cover on R5′s What Do I Have To Do! It’s a great song, please check it out! Our voices aren’t really good so please don’t hate! Thanks! :D

iKnoRiiTe says:

Acoustic lesson onCloser To The Sun by Slightly Stoopid please?

CallMist says:

This blows he tell you how to do all the parts but doesn’t tell you how to put it all together

adam bell says:

i have tonns of trouble with finger picking but this helped

Denver Skip says:

I have so much trouble with finger picking! Thanks for these videos!

tyub82 says:

What tuning is this ?? Mine sounds a little different I tune mine to EADGBE

tyub82 says:

Man this is hard for me

tyub82 says:

Do more of these

Steve Adamson says:

Love your lessons, you make it look so easy.

WKaliberr says:

This helped me stimulate my gf’s clit better

Rory Sidovar says:

Thanks you so much, my favorite songs have finger picking in them. like fast car by Tracy Chapman and blackbird by the Beatles which was my first song :D !!!

thebadfrogg says:

Despite picking not being your forte’, you teach it well. As with all your lessons! Thanks a million for taking the time to teach, you inspire thousands of people to learn and improve.

Joejodus says:

Thanks so much I wouldn’t even be playing at all if it wasn’t for your lessons thanks.

Kevin Liu says:

Love you

axel4clover1 says:

peace, thanks for the lessons

axel4clover1 says:

shwartz or toxicosmic, we play guitar

Hannah Young says:

It would be fantastic if you taught Skinny love by Bon Iver

robnorman1805 says:

everytime on u tube this guy makes it so simple ……. superb thank you

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