How to Play / More Than Words / Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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How to Play “More Than Words”  Acoustic Guitar Lesson.


Rishabh Sharma says:

chick song lol…

parkinsontatak says:

I learned something but you totally fucked my brain. can’t you just sing it in one way. with chords or with lyrics.

jackieeluciaa says:

You lost me after you started with the a minor

henry magandi says:

sir can you play dance with my father by luther vandross

stuskibinski says:

Great tutorial. Thanx.
I sumbled across a guy playing this song. Its not a lesson. Its jus a guy playing it. Hes called sungha jung. Go check it out to see what can b done with a guitar

uusetubesforwhat says:

Awesome tutorial Marti..fingers falling but finally learned the song..GREAT TEACHER!! THANKS

intowishin says:

Thanks Marty!

TheKaoruAkashi says:

I understand the 1st part but start on the 7:00 .. Okay.. Bye.. -_-

bizichyld says:

I’ll be damned, it is in the wrong key. Sounds like flat tuning puts it in the correct key. Thanks for that.

guitarloverr117 says:

Sounds correct but man you should really try a different approach when it comes to teaching -___- like after 7:00, you were all over the place.

Kat Cortez says:

tnx :)

Carl Libarnes says:


eddie romero says:

this lesson is the best :D thanks

Rawn Takacs says:

This would’ve been great if you played it in the correct key. >.>

tswear34 says:

wow almost 2 mil views? you da guitar man! :)

L0quender0x says:

hay escuelas ¬¬

Phil Terrado says:

Can I have the tabs instead?

julio ceñera says:

very nice job

Richard Maravillas says:

Nice :33 Now i can sing for my Girl :3

Juan Daniel Mayta Soria says:

Muy bien aunque yo hablo español :)

barbo12395 says:

muito bom adorei ….

Dennis Carnaev says:


whisperer46 says:

tnx, u said it instead of me…

SVRFE says:

Easy got it !!

jmariano says:

Do you happen to have the notes?

jervinmedina24 says:

Didnt understand a thing

clodagh94 says:

Mate you can’t teach for your life, get over yourself then try a bit harder

xXPlayerOfDcentryXx says:

Subscribed ^_^

claudioscola says:

I think Beatles got CM to Cm from Dylan

Jay Coleman says:

Nice catch. My bad, sorry bout that bro :/

whisperer46 says:

its “chick song” stupid fuck :D

Jay Coleman says:

Like if you saw “Click Song” flash on the screen at 0:42

charuluvs2rock says:

thank you so much!!! i’ve always loved this song and dreamt of playing it on my guitar… :)

Hinata Hideki says:


well now 225 people

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